Wednesday 26 March 2014

Aman Tu Mera Hero – a very special musical fundraiser featuring Kailash Kher and his band Kailasa

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From Cankids

Aman Saxena, was 17 years old when he was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, with a tumor in his throat. He wanted to play the guitar and sing and perform. Instead he battled and survived cancer at AIIMS, New Delhi, even as he became an active part of Kidscan Konnect (KCK– the teenage and young adult survivor group of Cankids), cleared his Class 12 exams and took admission in Desh Bandhu College, Delhi University. Life was looking up for Aman. He joined Jazba theatre group at DU – and at the audition proceeded to teach the group how to sing Saiyan – the right way! For yes – Aman is a huge fan of Kailash Kher. His dearest wish – to meet his hero, to sing like him. Sadly, in February 2013, Aman’s cancer returned and his fight against the disease started all over. He lost his voice, and with it his will. All the other KCK survivors rallied around him, trying to raise his spirits, encouraging him to take his treatment, building up hope. 

In September 2013, planning for a Indian Pediatric Oncology (childhood cancer) conference
 felicitation evening and fund raiser, we decided to theme it “Tu Mera Hero” –for Aman our hero, for the doctors who were treating him. A journalist friend suggested we needed a celebrity to promote the cause and create awareness. In 9 years of our existence, we have never been able to find one. We told him we would not chase for a Star. When the time was right he would come. 

We put Aman’s wish out there in the Universe – to meet his hero Kailash Kher. And amazingly, a
 Cankids advisory doctor found a way to him! He agreed to meet the cancer survivors at 6 pm of Sat 14th September but not to be part of our event later that evening. 
It was a dream come true for Aman – a meeting of joy and tears and disbelief. Kailash Kher tweeted “can’t express these kids happiness ...feeling fortunate to be with them.” An hour later, and a phone call from Kailash – and there he was on stage – with Aman and the survivors and the Jazba group – singing, most appropriately for his cancer survivor fans “tere naam se jee loonga – tere naam se mar jaoon” His message to Aman,’ “You can live each day in fear of dying, or live each moment in celebration of life.” 

The very next day, thanks to a generous donor and long time friend and supporter of Cankids, was
 conceived the idea of a musical evening by Kailash Kher and his band Kailasa. Said Kailash, “It is you who are my hero, Aman. I dedicate this concert to you. ” So moved was he by the young cancer survivors and children, he generously offered to waive his customary fees. 

“Aman - Tu mera Hero” – is a musical concert of heroes; of the hero within; of hope, support and
motivation; of celebration of love, life and in praise of God. Of immortality. 

The concert will be held on 4th April 2014 at Thyagraj Stadium in New Delhi, on the occasion of the
13th International Childhood Cancer Day.

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