Wednesday 26 January 2011

Good old, Ginger

The recent Pediatric Blood cancer made for happy reading when I saw the very interesting piece of work from AIIMS on the use of GINGER in the control of nausea and vomiting in children with cancer (Pillai et al, PBC, 2011). It is encouraging to see that this root, which is so essential to Indian cooking, has been harnessed for therapeutic use. Dr Bakshi and his team should be congratulated on a simple well-designed trial with a clear message. I look forward to use of ginger and its effect in other settings, other centres, and other chemothrapy regimens.

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  1. There are myriad such home,Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Siddha remedies.It is our hesitation to amalgamate them with our modern practice.
    Using Himalaya Drugs Septilin,Live 52, Merind Immumod, The Milk in termeric, Hamdard's Joshanda in intractable cough. Sweet Pickle of Beal- beal ka Murabba ( Vilvum) in 5 FU induced intractable diarrhea are many of the adjuvents that have been tried by me over last three decades with great success, juice of shoots of Tenocarpus Anacardium( Giloy/Guduchi),Pappaiya leaves juice are added recently .... but there is no platform or the format of journal that permits the publication of such data.

    It is time to standardize and titrate and extract active principles and its associates of Cannabis( The Desi Bhang) that was found to be very effective in pre ondensetron era in the patients receiving chemotherapy.
    The issue of nausea and vomitting in children receiving chemo should also be addressed from the view point of dose intensity,child psychology and dietary intake that is offered to OPD patients.

    Role of Patient information books do seem to modify this malady too.