Friday 30 April 2010

First Month of Blogging!

It has been a month since I started this blog. I had some idea in my head as to what I wanted to achieve, but was completely unsure of the shape the blog would take, and the reception it would receive. I am immensely grateful to those who have given me encouragement. My gratitude also extends to those "silent" readers across India and the world. You readers are the life of this blog and your comments are most welcome.

In this first month I have published 13 blog posts. These posts have been viewed in 45 cities in 9 countries including 63 visits from 18 cities in India. Posts from the blog have been shared on Twitter and Facebook. All this is very encouraging and gives me lot of motivation to continue putting my thoughts via this medium.

In the coming months, I plan to continue to do more of the same. In addition, I hope to encourage more "active" participation of the readers of the blog, while at the same time increasing the visibility of this blog. The expectation is that the readers not only read and comment on the blog posts, but also write posts of their own and put it on this blog. This blog can then act as a forum for them to express their opinion and generate debate.

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